Pom Boyd is a writer and actress. In the 1980s, she joined the Grapevine Theatre Company where she wrote comedy sketches and children's plays. She later moved to New York, gathered material and embarked on a solo comedy career. Apart from the plays listed below, she also wrote and performed 'La Rossa Gialla', a serious piece based on her experiences in New York, 'The Mad one with the Hair', a one-hour comedy show which played the Dublin Theatre Festival, the Edinburgh Festival, London and New York, and Shame, co-written with Sean Millar, and premiered at the Peacock Theatre as part of the 2018 Dublin Fringe Festival. Boyd's play 'Down onto Blue' received a Stewart Parker Award in 1994.


Play Title Playwright
Boomtown Pom Boyd Declan Hughes Arthur Riordan
Down Onto Blue Pom Boyd


Play Title Playwright
Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall Katie O'Kelly