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Little Light


  • Playwright

    Kareen Pennefather 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    Phyllis Root 

  • Author Notes

    Based on the book, Lucia and the Light, by Phyllis Root.

  • Notes

    For ages 5+.

  • Synopsis

    Winter winds are blowing, the storytellers are coming, bringing magic from the far north. They carry with them a wonderful, heartwarming winter story of a little girl’s adventure to bring back the Sun and save her family. Warm in their cozy house, a family waits for the days to grow longer and spring to arrive. But one day the Sun doesn’t rise. When it doesn’t rise the next day or the next and Darkness settles in to stay, they realize someone has stolen the Sun!

  • Play Type

    Theatre for Young Audiences

    Number Of Acts

    One Act

  • Cast Notes

    Cast doubling occurs.


Original Cast  
Story Teller & Lucia Emer O'Carroll
Story Teller & other characters Eoin Lynch
Story Teller & other characters Kate Powell
Story Teller & other characters Nicholas Kavanagh
Production Team  
Director Kareen Pennefather
Designer James Jobson
Lighting Designer Michael Cummins
Music by Denis Roche
Music by Kate Powell



The information for this entry was taken from the play's original production flyer with additional information supplied by the author.