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Classic Stage Ireland (CSI)


  • Description

    Since its founding in 2004, Classic Stage Ireland has devoted itself to producing the great classics of world dramatic literature in Ireland. Beginning with Shakespeare's works, both well-known and lesser-known, and now concentrating on Ancient Greek dramas, we are always focused on producing imaginative, energetic and relevant works of classic theatre.

    Irish Classic Voice

    Classic Stage Ireland's commitment is to marry the classics of world literature with the very particular cultural imagination of the Irish and the wealth of Irish accents, speech patterns and mannerisms. We aim to develop a distinct and ever-evolving Irish classic voice, through which the full humanising power of these works can be released to Irish audiences of today and of the future.


    We also conduct an ongoing weekly training studio for emerging and established actors in the emotional and technical skills specific to acting and staging the classics. By providing such ongoing training we are creating a pool of Irish actors equipped to face the particular challenges offered by classic texts.

  • Address

    Grattan Building, Dublin City University, Collins Avenue, Dublin 9




    +353 (0)1 7007772

    Artistic Director

    Andy Hinds


Play Title Playwright
Agamemnon Andy Hinds Aeschylus

Based on the classic Greek tragedy by Aeschylus

Crystal's House Andy Hinds
Iphigenia In Aulis Andy Hinds Euripides

A new version of the Ancient Greek Tragedy.