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Barnstorm Theatre Company


  • Description

    Barnstorm, founded in 1991, is based in Kilkenny and endeavours to establish theatre practice which can engage the wider community, with a positive bias towards access and provision for sections of the community not traditionally theatre-going, e.g. children, young people and local communities.

    To this end, Barnstorm presents professional theatre for children and young people from as young as four years old. The company engages with groups/individuals (young people and their leaders) in the practice and presentation of theatre/drama through an innovative Outreach & Education programme.

  • Address

    Church Lane,Kilkenny,Co. Kilkenny






    + 353 (0)56 775 1266

    Company Administrator

    Cathy Hogan

    Artistic Director

    Philip Hardy

    General Manager

    Vincent Dempsey

    Outreach Officer

    Anna Galligan

New Irish Plays Produced By Barnstorm Theatre Company

Play Title Playwright
A Murder of Crows Mike Kenny

Written in collaboration with the the company.

Bananas in the Bread Bin Maeve Ingoldsby
Digger, Doc and Dee Dee Maeve Ingoldsby
Adapted from the original play 'Bella, Boss and Bulli' by Volker Ludwig.
Kevin's Story Maeve Ingoldsby
Little Rudolf Ken Bourke
Me Too! Sarah Argent

Written in collaboration with Barnstorm Theatre Company.

Scaredy Cats Maeve Ingoldsby
Silly Bits of Sky Maeve Ingoldsby
Star Chasers Scott Young
Stuck in the Mud James Butler
The Biggest Adventure in the World Shaun Prendergast
The Bockety World of Henry and Bucket Sarah Argent

Commissioned by Barnstorm Theatre Company. Written by Sarah Argent in collaboration with the company.

The Bus Philip Hardy Maeve Ingoldsby
The Ice Child Mike Kenny
Commissioned by Barnstorm.
The Leaving Brendan Griffin
The Messenger Mike Kenny
Town Mouse, Country Mouse Devised by Barnstorm Theatre Company, scripted by Medb Lambert.