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Operating Theatre


  • Description

    Operating Theatre creates performance-based work with music as a core element. Founded in 1980, the company has produced a diverse portfolio of work including the integration of music technology with original composition, found and commissioned texts and live performance. The work has been presented in both conventional and non-theatrical environments.

    Operating Theatre is no longer in production. An online archive of the work is available on the website.

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    Artistic Director

    Olwen Fouéré

    Artistic Director

    Roger Doyle


    Ali Curran

New Irish Plays Produced By Operating Theatre

Play Title Playwright
Angel/Babel Olwen Fouéré Roger Doyle Leon Ingulsrud
Conceived by Olwen Fouere and Roger Doyle
Chair Olwen Fouéré
Written by Olwen Fouere in collaboration with Roger Doyle and Johnny Hanrahan
Here Lies Olwen Fouéré Selina Cartmell
Written by Olwen Fouéré and Selina Cartmell in collaboration with the company.
Ignotum Per Ignotius James Coleman
In collaboration with Olwen Fouéré and Roger Doyle.
Passades Devised by Selina Cartmell in collaboration with the company.
Switch Philip Morgan
The Diamond Body Aidan Mathews
Written in collaboration with the company.
The Pentagonal Dream Sebastian Barry
The Star Child and Other Stories Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Oscar Wilde
Adapted from Oscar Wilde's original short stories.