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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


The Irish National Theatre Society


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    The Irish National Theatre Society was founded on the 1st February 1903, with WB Yeats as President, Vice Presidents were Maud Gonne, Douglas Hyde and George Russell (AE), Stage Manager was WG Fay and secretary Fred Ryan. Their first performances were at a small hall at 34 Camden Street, which bearly held 50 people. Prior to 1904, they produced the following plays:

    1903 At the Molesworth Hall

    The Hour Glass by WB Yeats
    Twenty-Five by Lady Gregory
    The King's Threshold by WB Yeats
    In The Shadow of the Glen by JM Synge
    Broken Soil by Padraic Colum
    The Company performed two plays in The Molesworth Hall in January 1904 before moving into their new home on Lower Abbey Street. See also The Abbey Theatre

New Irish Plays Produced By The Irish National Theatre Society

Play Title Playwright
Riders to the Sea John Millington (J.M.) Synge
The Shadowy Waters William Butler Yeats
The Townland of Tamney Seamus MacManus