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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


Cork Dramatic Company (1909 - 1913)


  • Description

    In November 1908 Daniel Corkery, Terence MacSwiney and TC Murray were founder members of the Cork Dramatic Society, which had their headquarters at 'An Dún' in Father Matthew Street, Cork. The company launched the careers of playwrights TC Murray and Lennox Robinson, before these writers were produced by the Abbey. There final productions were plays by J Bernard McCarthy performed at The Cork Opera House in 1913.

  • Founder

    Daniel Corkery


    T.C. Murray


    Terence J. MacSwiney

New Irish Plays Produced By Cork Dramatic Company (1909 - 1913)

Play Title Playwright
The Embers Daniel Corkery
The Hermit and the King Daniel Corkery
The Lesson of his Life Lennox Robinson
The Wheel of Fortune T.C. Murray