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  • Description

    THEATREclub are a young Dublin based theatre collective founded in November 2008. We are Shane Byrne, Doireann Coady, Gemma Collins and Barry O’Connor. We work together to make art about us and the people and things around us. We have built a reputation over the past four years for not only our manic ambition but also our consistent ability to deliver both artistically and at the box office. We make good work and people come. We make work about communities and with communities. As soon as we think of an idea for a show, we think about who should be there and why. We design our audience. We do this in two ways, we create, stage and make accessible high quality theatre that illuminates and responds to the issues we face today and we curate design and deliver theatre workshop and talks programs with groups of people relevant to the particular show, sometimes these are drug users, their families and their children, sometimes it’s young people, sometimes it’s youth theatres, unemployed groups, young women’s groups or old people’s programmes.

  • Address

    c/o Project Arts Centre,,39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2,Co. Dublin






    Eoin Winning


    Barry O'Connor


    Doireann Coady


    Shane Byrne


    Gemma Collins

New Irish Plays Produced By THEATREclub

Play Title Playwright
Heroin Grace Dyas
History Grace Dyas
I'm Not Here Doireann Coady
Rough Grace Dyas
The Family Grace Dyas Doireann Coady

Conceived by Grace Dyas, Doireann Coady
Devised by The Cast, Grace Dyas, Doireann Coady

We Don't Know What's Buried Here Grace Dyas