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The Spoiled Buddha

A play of Japan in two acts


  • Playwright

    Helen Waddell 

  • Setting

    Sixth century BC, in the Sacred Grove of Buddha

  • Notes

    The character list for this entry comes from the published script, which also specifies fourteen Rakkan, and an unidentified number of Priests. The cast list is taken from reviews of the premiere production, where only actors playing the main roles were identified. Actors playing the other parts were listed collectively, but not individually. The company for the premiere production therefore also included Josephine Mayne, Marion Crimmins, Nora Ross, Mia Florence, Evelyn Jackson, D. McNamara, Jackson Graham, John Field, Joseph Rooney, Lawrence Mclarnon, Russell Stafford, Walter Kennedy, Brian Arthur, Victor Firth, S. Warnock and W. Bingham.

  • Synopsis

    A play about the conflict between ascetic and sensuous approaches to humanity. Binzuru, favoured disciple of the Buddha, is accused by rival Daruma of discovering the Infinite not in abstract meditation, but in the figure of a woman. As a consequence, he is refused continued status as a disciple, or Rakkan, and is banished to the outer court of the Holy of Holies. His body is, however, granted healing powers for those who touch it so that he may purge his fault over time. Some 2500 years later, the Buddha steals away from the inner court to meet Binzuru and talk about the past. The Buddha is now weary, while Binzuru by contrast is quite accepting of his lot, and during their conversation, makes an unexpected discovery.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female



Original Cast  
The Buddha Rutherford Mayne
Binzuru Gerald Macnamara
Daruma Jackson Grahame
Production Team  
Producer Fred Mecredy


  • Title

    The Spoiled Buddha, a play in two acts

  • Year


  • Published By

    Talbot Press

  • Address

    Republic of Ireland


  • Territory

    All Territories

  • Rights Type

    All Rights

  • Contact

    Sister Philippa Edwards

  • Address

    Stanbrook Abbey
    Callow End, Worcester,
    WR2 4TD

  • Phone

    44 - 01905 - 830209


Information for this entry has come from the published script, from reviews of the premiere production, and from Margaret McHenry's 'The Ulster Theatre in Ireland'.