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Inquiry at Lisieux


  • Playwright

    Adrian Vale  Chloe Gibson 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    Marcelle Maurette 

  • Author Notes

    Tranlsated and adapted from The original by Marcelle Maurette.

  • Setting

    The Carmel at Lisieux, August 1911.

  • Synopsis

    A papal commission is sent to examine whether or not, Therese Martin, a young Carmelite nun, is deserving of the designation of 'heroic'. Five of their witnesses have failed to recognise in her anything more exalted than a gentle acceptance of suffering. One member of the commission is troubled by these statements and recalls the five to rehear their accounts and this forms the core of the play.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female



  • Date of First Production

    23 September 1963

  • Production Notes

    Produced by York Promotions by arrangement with Stanley Illsley and Leo McCabe.

  • Producer

    Presented by Dublin Theatre Festival

  • Original Venue

    3Olympia Theatre

Original Cast  
President Aiden Grennell
Sister Joan Marie Conmee
Sister Mary Gabriel Blanaid Irvine
Sister Mechtilde May Cluskey
Workman Tom Irwin
Apostolic-Notary Fred Johnson
Unspecified Character(s) Suzanne Findlater
Sister Anne Ruby Head
Vice President Alex McDonald
Sister Jacob Una Collins
Unspecified Character(s) Marcella Grimes
Infirmary Sister Rosemary Crowson
Novice Brenda Dean
Promoter Robert Speaight
Mother Agnes Olga Lindo
Unspecified Character(s) Freda Murphy
Unspecified Character(s) Francene Walton
Unspecified Character(s) Mairin Healy
Unspecified Character(s) Marlene Francois
Unspecified Character(s) Deidre Condell
Unspecified Character(s) Jacqueline Taylor
Sister Louis Shelah Richards
Production Team  
Director Chloe Gibson
Settings by Alpho O'Reilly
Company Manager Brenda Dean
Stage Manager Rosemary Crowson
Deputy Stage Manager Brenda Dean
Set Painter Brian Collins


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The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme.