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The Successor


  • Playwright

    Steven Vas 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    Reinhard Raffalt 

  • Author Notes

    Translated by Steven Vas

  • Synopsis

    The play is based on the election of Pope John XXIII, with a couple of hasty side-glances at cold war politics, and forward glances to the Ecumenical Council.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts



Original Cast  
Dean of Ceremonies Des Cave
Cardinal Dean of the Sacred College John Cowley
Cardinals and other clerics Clive Geraghty
Cardinal of Macao Micheál Ó Briain
Cardinal of Bombay Breandán Ó Dúill
Cardinals and other clerics Jack Kelly
Rev. Fr. Scott Éamon Guaillí
Cardinal of Bologna Pilib Ó Floinn
Cardinal of Toledo Liam Ó Foghlú
Cardinal of Uganda Domhnall Mac Canna
Cardinal of Rio De Janeiro Pádraig Lafán
Cardinal of Propaganda Fide Pádraig Mac Léid
Cardinal of Turin Uinsionn Ó Dubhlainn
Cardinals and other clerics Terry Gallivan
Cardinal of Boston Seán Cotter
Cardinals and other clerics Brian Fox
Cardinal of Edinburgh Fred Johnson
Cardinals and other clerics John McDarby
Cardinal of Pais Gearoid Mac Sionoid
Cardinals and other clerics Arthur McShane
Cardinals and other clerics Bernard Murphy
Lay Brother Colm Ó Faracháin
Production Team  
Set John Kelly (3)
Set Tomás Mac Anna
Production by Frank Dermody
Stage Manager Joe Ellis


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The source for this entry is a contemporary press cutting.