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Adaptation of Richard II, Henry IV (Parts 1 & 2), and Henry V.


  • Playwright

    Mark O'Rowe 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    William Shakespeare 

  • Notes

    The running time for the original production was over 6 hours. During the original tour, the production alternated between a presentation over a full day or across two evening performances.

  • Synopsis

    Richard II’s story is the loss of innocence. A king since he was a child, when he finds his throne under threat he must consider how a king can become a man and ask himself how such a man can live. Henry IV’s story is the price of arrogance. Having plucked the crown from his cousin’s head, he divides houses, enrages nobility and jeopardises the loyalty of his own supporters until he has only his family to turn to. Henry V’s story is a coming-of-age. He squanders his youth with scoundrels and mistresses, but he must face up to his fate as heir to the throne and mend his ways in order to win the hearts and minds of the nobility and unite his country.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Notes

    The ensemble played more than 50 characters in the first production.


  • Date of First Production

    09 May 2015

  • Production Notes

    Co-produced with Lincoln Center Festival NYC.

  • Producer

    Produced by Druid

  • Original Venue

    The Mick Lally Theatre

Original Cast  
Servant to the Gardener Clare Barrett (1)
Keeper Clare Barrett (1)
Bardolph Clare Barrett (1)
Bolingbroke Derbhle Crotty
King Henry IV Derbhle Crotty
Montjoy Derbhle Crotty
Aumerle Gavin Drea
Poins Gavin Drea
Vernon Gavin Drea
Gloucester Gavin Drea
Rambures Gavin Drea
Williams Gavin Drea
John of Gaunt Bosco Hogan
Bishop of Carlisle Bosco Hogan
Gardener Bosco Hogan
Westmoreland Bosco Hogan
Charles VI Bosco Hogan
Hotspur Garrett Lombard
Bullcalf Garrett Lombard
Fluellen Garrett Lombard
Grandpre Garrett Lombard
Boy Karen McCartney
Clarence Karen McCartney
Scroop Karen McCartney
John of Lancaster Karen McCartney
Doll Tearsheet Karen McCartney
Bates Karen McCartney
Salisbury Karen McCartney
Queen Isabel Charlotte McCurry
Blunt Charlotte McCurry
Peto Charlotte McCurry
Nym Charlotte McCurry
Monsieur Le Fer Charlotte McCurry
Chorus Aaron Monaghan
Dauphin Aaron Monaghan
Mowbray Aaron Monaghan
Worcester Aaron Monaghan
Exton Aaron Monaghan
Pistol Aaron Monaghan
Northumberland Marie Mullen
the Lord Chief Justice Marie Mullen
Silence Marie Mullen
Exeter Marie Mullen
Bagot Rory Nolan
Falstaff Rory Nolan
Cambridge Rory Nolan
Gower Rory Nolan
Orleans Rory Nolan
Douglas John Olohan
York John Olohan
Mistress Quickly John Olohan
Governor of Harfleur John Olohan
Hal Aisling O'Sullivan
King Henry V Aisling O'Sullivan
King Richard II Marty Rea
Francois Marty Rea
Archbishop of Canterbury Marty Rea
Constable of France Marty Rea
Production Team  
Director Garry Hynes
Lighting Designer James F. Ingalls
Costume Designer Doreen McKenna (1)
Sound Designer Gregory Clarke
Fight Director Donal O'Farrell
Music by Conor Linehan
Dramaturg Thomas Conway
Associate Director - Movement David Bolger
Associate Director - Design Francis O'Connor
Voice Coach Andrew Wade




The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme.