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Vampirella and the Company of Wolves


  • Playwright

    Katy Hayes 

  • Author Notes

    Adapted from two short stories by Angela Carter.
  • Synopsis

    This gothic fairytale is fashioned from the fable, The Company of Wolves, and the complementary fairytale, Vampirella, both written by Angela Carter. In Katy Hayes's adaptation Red Riding Hood and Hero set out on their separate paths through the woods, virgins both, each possessing the fierce bravery reserved only for the very innocent and the very foolish. With them, the audience takes a journey through the European folklore of vampires, cannibals, and necrophilia, meeting a werewolf or two along the way. Hero, a staunch English boy, trots innocently towards the fangs of Vampirella, the most beautiful of all vampires, while Little Red Riding Hood looks set to become dessert in the jaws of the werewolf. But things are never as they seem. The path through the woods presents surprises at every gothic twist and turn in a narrative peopled with all sorts of shady creatures who seldom venture forth from the underworld.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes

    Cast doubling is possible. See original production for details.

Original Production

Original Cast  
Vampirella Sian Quill
Priest Paul Walker
Concierge Paul Walker
Henri Blot Paul Walker
Mother Helen Norton
Mrs. Beane Helen Norton
The Wolf Kieran Hurley
Count Dracula Denis Conway
Valet Laurence Lowry
Wolf Hunter Laurence Lowry
Sawney Beane Laurence Lowry
Elisabeth Ba'athory Clare Dowling
Red Riding Hood Clare Dowling
Hero Eugene O'Brien
Bride Sian Quill
Granny Ann Russell
Production Team  
Director Katy Hayes
Set Designer Irene O'Brien
Lighting Designer Ciara McCarthy
Producer Caroline Williams
Costume Designer Marie Tierney
Composer Raymond Deane
Production Manager David Marsh
Stage Manager Mo Andrew
Assistant Stage Manager Annette Murphy
Lighting Operator Garrett Ryan
Sound Operator Stuart Anderson
Production Assistant Annette Murphy
Graphic Design Margaret Lonergan

Unpublished Scripts

Rights Information

Source Of Information

This information was taken from the original programme and promotional flyer. Additional information was supplied by a previous director of Glasshouse Productions.