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  • Playwright

    Rutherford Mayne 

  • Notes

    The cast and character lists for this entry are drawn from reviews of the premiere productions. As such, they should be taken as approximate.

  • Synopsis

    A farce featuring Colonel Sylvester, a unionist seeking election in a tough constituency. The central issue is the hill of Knocknarea, which an English manufacturer wishes to use as the basis of a new industry, whilst locals claim it as the fitting site for a new Orange hall. Complications build up steadily in the hotly-contested campaign, particularly with the arrival of women sufragettes, and the suspicious drugging of the town's water supplies. In the end, however, the Colonel is elected by a slender margin, and the manufacturer departs in disgust.

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    Plays General

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Original Production

Original Cast  
Miss Bradbury Marion Crimmins
Forsythe William Murray
Robinson Donald McKay
Higgs Herbert Grant
Lily West Mary Magee
Joe Joseph Roney
Eckerstein Frederick Mears
Mrs. West Rose McQuillan
Mahaffy Lawrence McLarnon
McAlpine J.G. Abbey
Mooney John Field
Dorothy Manners Josephine Mayne
Annie West Kathleen Lawrence
Strong Charles K. Ayre
Miles Norman Gray
Forbes Jackson Grahame
Tom Gerald Macnamara
Colonel Sylvester Rutherford Mayne
Smythe Philip Doyle

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    All Territories

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    All Rights

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    Colin Smythe Ltd.

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Source Of Information

Information for this entry has come from Margaret McHenry's 'The Ulster Theatre in Ireland', from reviews of the premiere production, and from Wolfgang Zach's 'Selected Plays: Rutherford Mayne'.