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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


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Brian of Banba

An historical play, in two scenes


  • Playwright

    Bulmer Hobson 

  • Notes

    It was a policy during the early years of the Ulster Literary Theatre not to name actors in programmes. Character listings for this entry are taken from contemporary articles and press cuttings, and are not comprehensive. For this reason it has not been possible to ascertain the play cast size.

  • Synopsis

    A poetic quasi-historical work set in the tenth century, depicting the death of the King of Thomond and the bravery of Brian his son. Cennidigh, King of Thomond, dies, and his son Mahon succeeds him. Another son, Brian, is granted permission and men to fight the Danes, but while valiantly fighting them, the troop suffers heavy losses. On Brian's return, he is barely recognisable, but on discovering what has happened, is greeted by his brother as a man of valour. The clan come together to follow him to arms.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts

    One Act

  • Cast Size Male


Original Production

Original Cast  
Priest A. Anonymous
Brian A. Anonymous
Ceunedigh, King of Thomond A. Anonymous
Mahon A. Anonymous
Production Team  
Staging Fred Morrow
Staging Jack Morrow
Costumes Jack Morrow

Rights Information

  • Not Found

Source Of Information

Information for this entry was taken from Sam Hanna Bell's 'The Theatre in Ulster'; Uladh, the Ulster Literary Theatre's magazine; and from contemporary press reviews.