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Wedding Fever

A New Ulster Comedy


  • Playwright

    Sam Cree 

  • Setting

    The living room of the Galbraith family, in the Donegall Road district of Belfast.

  • Notes

    This production ran from 28 September 1960 to 6 July 1961.

  • Synopsis

    A comedy following the course of an engagement through to a wedding day, taking in a strike and a major operation along the way.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


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  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes


Original Production

Original Cast  
Willie Beattie John F. Tyrone
Doctor Jack Maxwell
Kathleen Brownlee Molly Holmes
Davy Galbrath Leonard McNeill
Sadie Galbrath Melda Davey
Hirum P. Dingleheifer Jack Hudson
Myra Galbrath May Diver
Dennis Hall Hugh Swandell
Emily Beattie Jean Lundy
Mary Hall Sheila Crawford
Patrick Hall John McDade
Alex. Galbrath James Young
Georgina Della Beck
Production Team  
Director James Young
Special Lyric by John Knipe
Joint Managing Director James Young
Joint Managing Director Jack Hudson
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    Richard Mills

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    258 Belvoir Drive,
    BT8 7DU
    Northern Ireland

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    +44 (0)78 08583175

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    All Territories

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  • Contact

    Drama League of Ireland

  • Address

    Mill Theatre
    Dundrum Town Centre
    Dundrum, Dublin 16
    Republic of Ireland

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    +353 (0)1 2969343

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Source Of Information

Information for this entry has been taken from press cuttings, and from the original production programme, held at the Linen Hall Library Theatre and Performing Arts Archive, Belfast.