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Family Fever

A New Ulster comedy


  • Playwright

    Sam Cree 

  • Setting

    The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Galbraith family before and during Christmas, and on New Year's Eve.

  • Synopsis

    Just two days before Christmas, the Galbraith family finds itself in chaos when the married daughter is rushed into hospital for the 'happy event'.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


Original Production

Original Cast  
Myra Hall Marianne Crosslé
Alec Galbraith J.J. Murphy
Mary Hall Doreen Hepburn
Willie Beatty Maurice O'Callaghan
Sadie Galbraith Sheila McGibbon
Maud McHenry Leila Webster
Patrick Hall Arthur Ross
Archie McNulty Charles Armstrong
Linda Galbraith Laura Hunter
Emily Beatty Heather Gibson
Dennis Hall George Kirkpatrick
Production Team  
Assistant Staging Marianne Crosslé
Assistant Staging Roy Dunn
Decor by John C. Burke
Governing Director Hubert R. Wilmot
Production by Hubert R. Wilmot
Stage Director John C. Burke
Secretary Dorothy M. Wilmot
Business Manager Dorothy M. Wilmot
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Rights Information

  • Territory

    All Territories

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  • Contact

    Richard Mills

  • Address

    258 Belvoir Drive,
    BT8 7DU
    Northern Ireland

  • Phone

    +44 (0)78 08583175

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  • Territory

    All Territories

  • Rights Type


  • Contact

    Drama League of Ireland

  • Address

    Mill Theatre
    Dundrum Town Centre
    Dundrum, Dublin 16
    Republic of Ireland

  • Phone

    +353 (0)1 2969343

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Source Of Information

Information for this entry was drawn from press cuttings, and from the original production programme held at the Theatre and Performing Arts Archive of the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.