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Voltaire's Candide


  • Playwright

    Patrick J. O'Reilly 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    (-) Voltaire

  • Synopsis

    A tale about a young man, Candide, who has been imbued by his tutor, Dr Pangloss, with delusional optimism. He quickly becomes disillusioned, however, after witnessing and experiencing many great hardships.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Notes


Original Production

Original Cast  
Pangloss Paddy Jenkins
Cacambo Patrick J. O'Reilly
Grand Inquisitor Patrick J. O'Reilly
Don Issachar Patrick J. O'Reilly
Baron Patrick J. O'Reilly
Jacques Patrick J. O'Reilly
Martin Patrick J. O'Reilly
Cunegonde Tommy Wallace
One-buttocked hag Paddy Jenkins
Candide Padraig Wallace
Production Team  
Director Lisa May
Lighting Designer Sean Paul O'Rawe
Music by Jonny McMillen
Musical Director Ross Anderson
Company Manager Stephen Beggs
Stage Manager Rory Casey
Assistant Stage Manager Caroline Curran
Photography Clare McKelvey

Rights Information

  • No Information Available. ITI's researchers have examined this play entry with care and no further information has yet been found. If you have further details on this entry please contact us.

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