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End of the Line


  • Playwright

    Jody O'Neill 

  • Adapted / Translated From

    Paul Ioachim

  • Author Notes

    Translation of the Romanian play 'Podul Sinucigasilor' by Paul Ioachim.

  • Setting

    A train

  • Synopsis

    At the end of the line, three desperate strangers meet… waiting for a train. It's the last stop… but are they waiting to get on, or to get off…? Internationally renowned Romanian playwright, Paul Ioachim's bittersweet comedy is a quirky, absurd look at three people on the edge of society, about to fall off.

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    Number Of Acts


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Original Production

Original Cast  
The Lover Carl Kennedy
The Actress Jody O'Neill
The Misunderstood One Dan Tudor
Production Team  
Director Donal Gallagher
Set Designer Medb Lambert
Lighting Designer Adam McElderry
Costume Designer Medb Lambert
Sound Designer Carl Kennedy
Translated by Cristina Catalina
Technical Manager Scott Duggan
Stage Manager Medb Lambert
Lighting Operator Sarah McColgan
Sound Operator Chris Schmidt-Martin

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