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Just Desserts


  • Playwright

    Miriam Gallagher 

  • Synopsis

    Easter Eggs: Lucy's magic birthday party is full of strange surprises. Will Mrs Lockett get her just desserts? Lemon Soufflé: Set in an old abbey, an engagement party causes friction as family secrets are revealed. Omlettes: A strange trio of waiters serve omelettes with a difference to a married couple, a young pair on their first date, and a tramp. But what happens when the young people cannot pay?

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts

    Series of short individual plays

  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes

    Cast doubling possible. See original cast details.

Original Production

  • Date of First Production

    29 November 1990

  • Production Notes

    These three one-act plays may be performed separately or as a triple bill.
  • Producer

  • Original Venue

    Andrews Lane Theatre

Original Cast  
'Easter Eggs' - Robin' Sean Madden
'Lemon Soufflé' - Sue Michelle Manahan
'Omlettes' - Girl Michelle Manahan
'Lemon Soufflé' - Martha Caroline Lennon
'Omlettes' - First Waiter Caroline Lennon
'Easter Eggs' - Lucy Orlaith De Burca
'Easter Eggs' - Magician Michael Thornton
'Lemon Soufflé' - Louis Michael Thornton
'Lemon Soufflé' - Emily Margaret Tuomey
'Lemon Soufflé' - Robert Paul Jackson
'Omlettes' - Man Gerald Fitzmahony
'Lemon Soufflé' - Alec Gerald Fitzmahony
'Lemon Soufflé' - Tony Sean Madden
'Easter Eggs' - Owen Geraldine Judge
'Omlettes' - Tramp Derek Reid
Easter Eggs - Mabel Tara Flynn
'Omlettes' - Third Waiter Tara Flynn
'Easter Eggs' - Mrs Lockett Colette Hoctor
'Omlettes' - Woman Colette Hoctor
'Easter Eggs' - Diana Elizabeth Schwarz
'Omlettes' - Second Waiter' Elizabeth Schwarz
'Omlettes' - Boy Paul Jackson
Production Team  
Director Jill Brooke
Costume Designer Miriam Duffy
Sound Dermot Cummins
Set & Lighting Designer Michael A. Doyle
Stage Management Jacqui Cummins
Stage Management Sarah Gunning
Lighting Operator Dermot Doyle
Sound Operator James Coleman
Props Siobhan Burgess

Published Scripts

  • Title

    Fancy Footwork: Selected Plays by Miriam Gallagher

  • Year


  • Published By

    Society of Irish Playwrights

  • Address

    Republic of Ireland

  • ISBN

    0-9538200 09

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