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James Joyce and the Israelites


  • Playwright

    Seamus Finnegan 

  • Setting

    Late 19th- and early 20th-century Dublin, as well as locations in Europe.

  • Synopsis

    The play speculates on how Joyce's aesthetic was influenced by his identification with Judaism, with the Joyce character in the play seeing the Wandering Jew as a metaphor for the type of artist-in-exile he would become. The play draws on several real-life experiences of Joyce, and also on the life of a contemporary Jewish family in Dublin, the Kahns. Henry Kahn, who is paralleled with Leopold Bloom in the play, was the subject of a mistrial, which is alluded to in Ulysses, with the anti-Semitic judge in question, Sir Frederick Falkiner, making several appearances in the book, including in a dream where he sentences Bloom to death.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes

    Multiple roles for each peformer

Original Production

  • Date of First Production


  • Producer

  • Original Venue

    Lyric Hammersmith

  • Venue Notes

    Performed on the Lyric's studio stage

Original Cast  
James Joyce Patrick Waldron
Oscar Schwarz Steve Simmonds
Mark Kahn Steve Simmonds
Cosgrave Steve Simmonds
Amalia Cherith Mellor
Esther Kahn Cherith Mellor
Esther Jacobs Cherith Mellor
Nadia Cherith Mellor
Ottocaro Edward Halstead
Leopold Bloom Edward Halstead
Nathan Edward Halstead
Jacob Edward Halstead
Isaac Edward Halstead
Moses Edward Halstead
Stanislaus James Greene
JF Byrne James Greene
Henry Kahn James Greene
Patrick James Greene
Cantor Steve Simmonds

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    James Joyce and the Israelites

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    All Territories

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    Micheline Steinberg Associates

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