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A Stitch In Time


  • Playwright


  • Author Notes

    Devised by Gillian Kelly, Eileen Gibbons & Fiona McDonagh.

  • Synopsis

    While playing in the attic one day, Grace finds an old hat. But this hat was not just any old hat - in fact it wanted to play with Grace. Together they went on adventures to the four corners of the world. One day however Grace learns that a neighbour has brought the hat to the clothes bank. She is distraught. She goes to the clothes bank herself to fish it out but ends up falling in. She discovers a magical world inside. Taking direction from the characters she meets, she overcomes all kinds of obstacles; she follows in the tracks of the hat to the place where all hats go to rest - Hat Hollow. In Hat Hollow she finds that she can talk to the previous owners of the hats. When she finds her own hat, she can now find out who owned it before her. To her surprise it belonged to her Great Travelling Aunt Peg who was an 'adventurer extraordinaire.' She must leave as children are not allowed in clothes banks and she is about to be caught. 

  • Play Type

    Theatre for Young Audiences

    Number Of Acts

    One Act

  • Cast Size Female


Original Production

  • Date of First Production

    08 September 2009

  • Producer

    Produced by Cups and Crowns Educational Theatre Company

  • Original Venue

  • Venue Notes

    First performed at Ballinderreen Mixed National School, Kilcolgan, Ballinderreen, Co. Galway.

Original Cast  
Performer Gillian Kelly
Performer Eileen Gibbons
Production Team  
Director Nora Nic Con Ultaigh
Devisor Eileen Gibbons
Devisor Gillian Kelly
Costumes Michelle Burke
Set & Prop Designer Peter Casby
Set Build Frank Gleeson
Set Designer Dara McGee
Dramaturg Thomas Conway
Production Manager Fiona McDonagh
Puppeteer Fiona McDonagh
Devisor Fiona McDonagh

Rights Information

  • Territory

    All Territories

  • Rights Type

    All Rights

  • Contact

    Cups and Crowns Educational Theatre Company

  • Address

    Republic of Ireland

  • Email

Source Of Information

The information for this entry was taken from the original production's Teacher's Pack.