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DubbelJoint Theatre Company


  • Description

    The company was committed to the exploration of pertinent and contemporary issues within Ireland, in particular the North of Ireland, through theatrical productions. Since its origin, DubbelJoint has produced at least one major production each year, written or adapted by members of the company. These plays have toured a great variety of local, national and international venues, from church halls, community centres, to the Grand Opera House, Belfast, and New York, bringing theatre to large numbers of people, many of whom may not have experienced it before.

    DubbelJoint was an award-winning company and one of the leading independent theatre producers in Belfast. It had a strong commitment to community venues, particularly in areas that suffer from social, economic and cultural disadvantage and to local writing, and through these, strove to democratise theatre and make it accessible to all.

  • Address

    Belfast,Co. Antrim

    Artistic Director

    Pam Brighton