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Storytellers Theatre Company


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    Since its inception in 1986, Storytellers Theatre Company brought a new dimension to Irish Theatre. The company created large and small scale pieces of theatre drawn from diverse literary sources. Storytellers was committed to touring theatre throughout Ireland and abroad. The company’s motivation was driven by the belief that the telling of stories is fundamental to the creation of theatre, by the desire to revisit and revitalise classic, neglected or forgotten texts, and by the need to create new stories from diverse literary sources. There were three main strands to the work of Storytellers Theatre Company: exploring stories in terms of fable, fiction and falsehood; incorporating skills drawn from contemporary international theatre practice; maintaining and developing a dialogue with both established and emerging theatre practitioners.


    2005 Irish Times/ESB Theatre Award nomination for Marcus Costello for Best Lighting for 'The Dream of a Summer Day'

    2004 Irish Times/ESB Theatre Award nomination for Liam Halligan as Best Director for 'Rashomon'

    2004 Irish Times/ESB Theatre Award nomination for Chisato Yoshimi as Best Costume Designer for 'Rashomon'

    The company ceased operations in 2009.

New Irish Plays Produced By Storytellers Theatre Company

Play Title Playwright
Antigone Conall Morrison Sophocles
Adapted from the original play by Sophocles.
Dixie Seán McCarthy
Emma Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Jane Austen
Adapted from the original novel by Jane Austen.
Hansel and Gretel Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy
Adapted from the classic fairytale.
Hard Times Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Charles Dickens
Adapted from the original novel by Charles Dickens.
Mushroom Paul Meade
Oedipus Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Sophocles
A version of the myth.
Silas Marner Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Eliot
Adapted from the original novel by George Eliot.
The Crock of Gold Fiona Buffini James Stephens
Adapted by Fiona Buffini from the novel 'The Crock of Gold' by James Stephens
The Dream of a Summer Day Liam Halligan
Based on the life and writings of Lafcadio Hearn.
The Mayor of Casterbridge Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Thomas Hardy
Adapted from the original novel by Thomas Hardy.
The Red Hot Runaways Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy
Based on ‘The Musicians of Bremen’ by the Brothers Grimm
The Star Child and Other Stories Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Oscar Wilde
Adapted from Oscar Wilde's original short stories.
The Trial of Esther Waters Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Moore
Adapted from the original novel by George Moore.
The Turn of the Screw Liam Halligan Henry James
When The Wall Came Down Renate Ahrens-Kramer
Wuthering Heights Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Emily Brontë
Adapted from the original novel by Emily Brontë.