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Charabanc Theatre Company


  • Description

    Charabanc Theatre Company was formed in 1983. It was born out of the frustration of five Belfast-based actresses at, not only the lack of work available to women in theatre, but also the quality of what was available. The company initially worked as a team to research, improvise and write plays reflecting the experiences of Belfast women, but also branched out to produce new and existing texts of relevance to audiences throughout Ireland. Over the next 10 years the company became one of Ireland's most significant independent companies, producing many award winning shows and touring throughout Ireland and around the world. The group disbanded in 1995.

New Irish Plays Produced By Charabanc Theatre Company

Play Title Playwright
A Wife, A Dog And A Maple Tree Sue Ashby
Cauterised Neill Speers
Gold In The Streets Marie Jones (1)
Devised by the company.
Iron May Sparkle Thomas McLaughlin
Lay Up Your Ends Martin Lynch
Written in collaboration with the company.
Now You're Talkin' Marie Jones (1)
Written in association with the company.
October Song Andy Hinds
Oul Delf and False Teeth Marie Jones (1)
Written with the company, in association with Pam Brighton and Martin Lynch.
Somewhere Over The Balcony Marie Jones (1)
The Blind Fiddler Of Glenadauch Marie Jones (1)
The Girls In The Big Picture Marie Jones (1)
Devised with the company.
The Hamster Wheel Marie Jones (1)
The House of Bernarda Alba Lynne Parker Federico García Lorca
A version of the play by Federico Garcia Lorca.
The Illusion Peter Sheridan Pierre Corneille
An adaptation of 'L'Illusion Comique' by Corneille.
The Terrible Twins' Crazy Christmas Marie Jones (1)
The Vinegar Fly Nick Perry
Weddins Weeins and Wakes Marie Jones (1)