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Cónal Creedon has written over 50 hours of original material for radio including 'Come Out Now Hacker Hanley!' (P.J. O'Connor Awards, 1993), 'After the Ball' (Francis MacManus Awards, 1993) and 'Under the Goldie Fish', a surreal radio drama series. A collection of his award-winning short stories was published as 'Pancho and the Lefty Ride Out' (Collins Press, 1995). His writing for TV includes 'Changing Faces of Ireland' which he co-scripted for RTE, and various comic sketches for 'The End' (RTE) and the children's drama, 'The Mystery of the Missing Je Ne Sais Quoi' (RTE). Creedon's short film script 'Man of Few Words' was premiered at the Galway Film Festival (2000) and was subsequently screened at various international film festivals.