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1882 - 1928

Pádraic Ó Conaire was a shortstory writer, novelist, playwright and an actor, one of the major writers of the early Irish language Revivalists. His two novels are Deoraíocht agus Fearfeas Mac Feasa. He wrote at least six plays in Irish , the earliest one produced being Bairbre Ruadh, a prize-winning play of the Oireachtas of 1908. He co-wrote one unpublished English play, The Cherry Bird, with a Canadian friend Katherine Hughes.


Play Title Playwright
Bairbre Ruadh Pádraic Ó Conaire
Caitlín na Clúide Pádraic Ó Conaire


Play Title Playwright
A Chéud Bhean Pádraic Ó Conaire Pádraic Ó Conaire