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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


Margaretta D'Arcy


Margaretta D'Arcy was born in London in 1934 but returned to Ireland with her parents at a young age. She married the English dramatist John Arden in 1957 and the couple have collaborated extensively ever since. Long associated with feminist and oppositional politics, she has worked with improvisational and theatre techniques since the fifties. Additional work with John Arden includes 'The Business of Good Government' (1960), 'Friday's Hiding' (1965),'The Hero Rises Up' (1968), 'The Gombeen Bequest'(1972) and 'The Island of the Mighty' (1972). Margaretta D'Arcy is a member of Aosdána. She lives in Galway.

Playwriting Credits

Play Title Playwright
The Non-Stop Connolly Show John Arden Margaretta D'Arcy

Stage Management

Play Title Playwright
Aisling Maurice G. Meldon