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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha

1883 - 1964

Born in Baile an Ghóilín near Dingle in Co. Kerry, he was a renowned editor, publisher and folklorist. He used the pseudonym 'An Seabhac' (The Hawk). He wrote children's books, taught Irish, founded many Irish language associations and primary schools. He worked with An Gúm, Talbot Press and The Educational Company of Ireland. He was very involved with An Comhar Drámaíochta. He was also a senator from 1946-1954.


Play Title Playwright
An Glaodhach Deireannach Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha
D'úsáid sé an t-ainm cleite 'An Seabhac'.

Set Designer

Play Title Playwright
An Té atá Gan Pheacadh Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha
'An Seabhac' an t-ainm cleite a bhí aige.