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Oedipus, The Tyrant


  • Playwright

    Lord Longford 

  • Adapted / Translated From


  • Author Notes

    Translated by Lord Longford.
  • Setting

    Thebes, in front of the palace of Oedipus.

  • Notes

    Chants arranged by Christopher Casson from Gaelic sources.

  • Synopsis

    Sophocles' classic tragedy begins with a horrific plague afflicting the city of Thebes. King Oedipus asks the Oracle of Delphi for help who tells him that he must expel from Thebes the infamous one, who has angered the Gods. Oedipus asks the prophet Teiresias to tell him the name of this man. The man of course is Oedipus himself.

  • Play Type


    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes

    Two actors play dual roles.

Original Production

Original Cast  
Teiresias Christopher Casson
Attendants, and People of Thebes John Graven Hughes
Attendants, and People of Thebes Noel Delaney
Dancer Christine Du Boulay
Dancer Sara Payne
Dancer Eileen Kane
Attendants, and People of Thebes Ursula Fogarty
Antigone Stella Walsh
Oedipus Anew McMaster
Chorus of Theban Elders Luke McLoughlin
Chorus of Theban Elders Diarmuid Tuohy
Attendants, and People of Thebes Jim Phelan
Attendants, and People of Thebes Jack Gallagher
An aged herdsman John Kelly (1)
Ismene Pauline Clarke
Servant of Oedipus Christopher Casson
Attendants, and People of Thebes Doreen Keogh
Kreon Prince of Thebes Ronald Ibbs
Chorus of Theban Elders Dan O'Connell(2)
Attendants, and People of Thebes Doris Finn
Chorus of Theban Elders Cecil Brock
Chorus of Theban Elders Hamlyn Benson
Iokasta Moya Devlin
Chorus of Theban Elders Michael Ripper
Priest of Zeus John Biggerstaff
Messenger from Corinth John Biggerstaff
Attendants, and People of Thebes Stephen Brennan (2)
Production Team  
Settings by Gerald Pringle (1)
Dance Captain Sara Payne
Musician Gretta Smith
Musician Alice Brough
Musician Margaret McNamee
Produced by John Izon
Manager Lord Longford
Secretary Maureen Naish-Gray

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Source Of Information

The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme.