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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


Cork Opera House



    Emmet Place, Cork, Co. Cork






    + 353 (0)21 427 4308


    Eibhlín Gleeson

    Business Development Manager

    Martin O'Donoghue

    Technical Manager

    Chris Gaughan

    Programme Manager

    Ashley Keating

    Box Office Phone

    + 353 (0)21 427 0022

  • Programming Policy

    Cork Opera House is southern Ireland’s premier venue for the best in concerts, comedy, drama, dance, family fare, and of course, opera. Located in the heart of Cork City, the Opera House has been a Cork cultural institution for over 160 years and will continue to strive to present and produce both indigenous and international top class acts for the people of Cork and further afield.

  • Resident Company

    Cork Opera House


Play Title Adapter/Translator
A Keane Sense of Humour Joe O'Donnell John B. Keane
Adapted from the writings of John B. Keane.
Castle Rackrent Johnny Hanrahan Maria Edgeworth
Adapted from the original novel by Maria Edgeworth.
Emma Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Jane Austen
Adapted from the original novel by Jane Austen.
Hard Times Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Charles Dickens
Adapted from the original novel by Charles Dickens.
Oedipus Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Sophocles
A version of the myth.
Silas Marner Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Eliot
Adapted from the original novel by George Eliot.
The Calmative Judy Hegarty-Lovett Conor Lovett Samuel Beckett

A staged recital of the short story of the same name.