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Play Title Playwright
A Bottle Of Smoke Harriet O'Carroll
A Man Called Judas Jocelyn Clarke
Adapted and translated from the French original by Claude A. Puget and Pierre Bost.
A Moving Destiny Deirdre Hines
Adrift Niall Moore
Alone It Stands John Breen
Borrowed Robes John Barrett
Charlie Chaplin's Mother was an Irishman Terry Devlin Mike Finn
Dixie Seán McCarthy
Melting Doves Max Hafler
Pigtown Mike Finn
Shock and Awe Mike Finn . Homer
From Homer's 'The Iliad'.
The Ante Room Kevin O'Connor
An adaptation of the novel by Kate O'Brien.
The Crunch Terry Devlin Mike Finn Molière
Adapted from Tartuffe by Molière.
The Quiet Moment Mike Finn
The Trial of Esther Waters Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Moore
Adapted from the original novel by George Moore.
The Trickster Harriet O'Carroll Molière
An adaptation of Les Foubieres De Scapin by Molière.
Where He Lies John Barrett