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Michèle has been a professional actor for the past twenty five years. Her work in theatre includes, among others, 'Dancing at Lughnasa', 'No Escape', 'The Great Hunger' at the Abbey Theatre. Her television and film work includes the BAFTA winning 'Omagh', 'Pride and Joy', 'Inside I'm Dancing' and 'The Clinic'. In 2010 she won both the Bryan MacMahon Award and the Michael McLaverty Award for her short stories. In April 2013 her debut novel 'Ghost Moth' was published by Bellevue Literary Press in NY.


Play Title Playwright
POSTSCRIPT Noelle Brown (1) Michèle Forbes


Play Title Playwright
Out the Back Door
Devised by Barabbas... the company


Play Title Playwright
Against the Wall
Devised by David Byrne in collaboration with the actors.
No Fun Game
Devised by David Byrne in collaboration with the actors.