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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


Sue Mythen


Sue Mythen is an actress and co-founder of Rondo Theatre Company. Her directing credits include 'Miss Julie' at The Crypt Arts Centre, Dublin and 'Mother Lover Warrior Queen' at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin. Film and TV work includes 'The Magnificent Ambersons', directed by Alfonso Arau and 'A Fork in the Road' for SBS Australia, directed by Pria Vaswalingham.

Playwriting Credits

Play Title Playwright
Stone Ghosts Sue Mythen


Play Title Playwright
Stone Ghosts Sue Mythen

Movement Director

Play Title Playwright
16 Possible Glimpses Marina Carr
Asking for It Meadhbh McHugh Annabelle Comyn Louise O'Neill(2) Louise O'Neill(2)

Adapted by Meadhbh McHugh in collaboration with Annabelle Comyn.

Citysong Carys D. Coburn
Hedda Gabler Mark O'Rowe Henrik Ibsen
A new version of Ibsen's original (1890).
Last Call Frances Kay
A play for post-primary school students.
Oedipus Wayne Jordan Sophocles
The Spider's House Roderick Ford


Play Title Playwright
An Cat agus an Ghealach Gabriel Rosenstock William Butler Yeats
Aistriúchán ar 'The Cat and the Moon'(1931) le W.B. Yeats
Flights John O'Donovan (2)

Mime Director

Play Title Playwright
The Countrywoman Elizabeth Kuti
Adapted from Paul Smith's novel The Countrywoman, first published in 1961.


Play Title Playwright
The Lost Letters of a Victorian Lady Michelle Read