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The Arts Council Playography Na Gaeilge


The Graphiconies/ Public Communications Centre


Graphic Design

Play Title Playwright
A Mug's Game Molière Adapted by Rough Magic Theatre Company
Bat The Father Rabbit The Son Donal O'Kelly
Buffalo Bill Has Gone To Alaska Colin Teevan
Come Down from the Mountain John Clown, John Clown Devised by Barabbas... the Company
Danti-Dan Gina Moxley
Dear Kenny Jim Nolan
Digging For Fire Declan Hughes
Down Onto Blue Pom Boyd
Emma Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Jane Austen
Adapted from the original novel by Jane Austen.
Farawayan Donal O'Kelly
Half Eight Mass of a Tuesday Devised by Barabbas...the company
Halloween Night Declan Hughes
Hard Times Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Charles Dickens
Adapted from the original novel by Charles Dickens.
Hidden Charges Arthur Riordan
Howling Moons, Silent Sons Deirdre Hines
Hughie On The Wires Donal O'Kelly
Hupnouse Charlie O'Neill
I Can't Get Started Declan Hughes
Jack Ketch’s Gallows Jig Gavin Kostick
Love and a Bottle Declan Hughes George Farquhar
Adapted from the original play by George Farquhar.
Mrs. Sweeney Paula Meehan
New Morning Declan Hughes
Oedipus Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Sophocles
A version of the myth.
Red Roses and Petrol Joseph O'Connor (1)
Rosie and Starwars Charlie O'Neill
Sick Dying Dead Buried Out Devised by Barabbas... the company
Silas Marner Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Eliot
Adapted from the original novel by George Eliot.
The Business of Blood Donal O'Kelly Kenneth Glenaan
The Dogs Donal O'Kelly
The Mayor of Casterbridge Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy Thomas Hardy
Adapted from the original novel by Thomas Hardy.
The Tender Trap Michael West Pierre De Marivaux
After ‘La Double Inconstance’ by Marivaux.
The Trial of Esther Waters Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy George Moore
Adapted from the original novel by George Moore.
The Whisperers Elizabeth Kuti Frances Sheridan
Frances Sheridan's 'A Trip to Bath' as completed by Elizabeth Kuti.
The Woman in White Declan Hughes Wilkie Collins
Adapted from the novel by Wilkie Collins
This Love Thing Marina Carr
When The Wall Came Down Renate Ahrens-Kramer

Programme Design

Play Title Playwright
One Last White Horse Dermot Bolger

Poster Designer

Play Title Playwright
One Last White Horse Dermot Bolger